Monday, June 16, 2008

My solution for the United Council Budget

Although it would work beyond the magnitude of my estimates, I know it will probably not be accepted due to the overwhelming power of the status quo as well as the centralized decision-making structure known as the Board of Directors who, for the most part, choose their own pay and benefits.

Not on my watch. Here is my proposal to fix the 60,000 dollars of debt that the United Council Budget contains:

Line 65 (Medical Reimbursement) 4000

Line 66 (Loan Reimbursement) 19200

Line 71 (Cell Phones) 5500

Line 76 Cut the Lease, Buy a copier

Line 77 Why are we paying 1200 for a computer?

Programming: Cut conferences, focus more on GA’s and Lobbying

Combine LGBT Q, Multicultural, and Women’s Issues

Separate Women’s and Environmental Issues

Estimated Benefits

  • Salaries: approximately 28,000 for Environmental Issues, approximately 28,000 for Equity and Diversity (combination LGBTQ, Multicultural, and Women’s Issues). Cost: approximately 56,000 dollars.

56,000 – 28,504.80 – 28,248 – 27, 580 = 56,000 – 84,332 = -28, 332

  • Health benefits: cost is 247.08 per month, per employee. Total is minus one employee (7), therefore: 27,765.56/8 = 3470.70.

27,765.56 – 3470.70 = 24,294.86; Total savings – 3470.70

  • Medical reimbursement: 500 per staff, therefore savings – 500.
  • Student Loan reimbursement: not enough information to calculate. Potential savings: 2,400.
  • Miscellaneous other savings: hard to calculate; would include board travel, per diems, supplies, other travel expenditures and registration fees. No estimate made.

TOTAL SAVINGS: 34,702.70


Total Proposed Budgetary Savings: 60502.70

Let it also be strongly recommended to take another look at combining or eliminating some conferences, with more focus on legislative and lobbying affairs along a broad spectrum. Currently, a disproportional amount of time is spent looking at a variety of specific issues outside of relevant and tangible fronts in higher education today. Let it be recognized that focusing more on the lobbying and Shared Governance aspects of United Council would be more likely to produce a functional and effective student activist/lobbyist population, which would ultimately yield more favorable and numerous results.

Money saved would be on travel, costs of literature and advertisements, per diem, hotels, etc.

That should do it.

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