Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's Over: Obama Defeats the Clinton Machine

Clinton is in New York right now giving a campaign speech; I'm waiting for her concession any minute now.


8:50pm Clinton says she won't make a decision tonight, you have to go to her website and tell her what to do...?

8:54pm Speech is over...I'm pretty disappointed.

What the hell is she getting at? She has to know it's over, short of the HRC Machine paying delegates to switch (I wouldn't put it past the Clintons) she doesn't stand any chance. He has surpassed the amount of necessary delegates. McCain is already jumping on Obama:

"He is an impressive man who makes a great first impression," McCain said. "But he hasn't been willing to make the tough calls, to challenge his party, to risk criticism from his supporters, to bring real change to Washington. I have."

In a speech intended to mark the start of the general election, the Republican defended himself against Obama's frequent claim that McCain is "running for President Bush's third term" because McCain supports the Iraq war and wants to extend the president's tax cuts.


9:10pm Obama is about to give his speech in St. Paul.
9: 13pm Obama talking up "change" again. Oh, "hopes" and "dreams" as well.

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