Saturday, May 24, 2008

Libertarian Debate

Watching it right now. Can someone tell me how Gravel is a Libertarian? Check it out now on Cspan.


Live Blogging going on at the Liberty Papers


Eric Blankenburg said...

Gravel said that people can’t be free if they are uneducated, poor, and don’t have healthcare. This is exactly the argument that the socialists have made for 100 years. Maybe Gravel should move to Europe and run for President of France.

1000 Needles said...

Exactly. The saddest thing about the debate was that he actually received APPLAUSE when he said that. Not to mention all the pandering to Ron Paul and his looney supporters. What is the party coming to? And who the hell let Gravel in? Surely, there's no better way to destroy an already fragile party image than to nominate Gravel as the Presidential candidate (or even let him run in the first place).