Sunday, May 11, 2008

8 Reasons Why My Generation is Dumb...

Take a look at eight reasons the Emory University English professor gives to ''not trust anyone under 30'' -- see which you think is the best. Disagree, or have your own spin?
Their reasons are as follows:
  1. They make excellent "Jaywalking'' targets
  2. 2. They don't read books -- and don't want to, either
  3. They can't spell
  4. They get ridiculed for original thought, good writing
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV, etc.
  6. They don't store the information
  7. Because their teachers don't tell them so
  8. Because they're young
They also introduced a poll to see what readers thought was the biggest reason:

What reason makes the most sense for "The Dumbest Generation?"

2. Books? No thanks!
7. Easy teachers, parents
4. Clear thought ridiculed by peers
8. Just age
6. Don't retain information (who needs to?)
3. Can't spell
1. "Jaywalking'' gaps in knowledge
5. Grand Theft Auto, etc.
Total votes: 21783

I voted for "Books" and it appears a plurality of readers would agree. With 21783 votes, its doubtful that the margin of error is too large to overturn that.

However, I would not be so quick as to say our generation is dumb in the first place. I believe that we may be lazy, but I have also heard that Intelligence quotients have been rising over the years. I think it is easy to point out the failures of the young, especially if older people are alienated by the increasingly fast pace at which culture is reinventing itself (mostly attributable to increases in the speed and efficiency of communication mediums). While I can agree to a point that people my age do not read as much or know as much as older folks (hell, I read more than most people, but I still wish I read more), I have doubts as to how "dumb" we are.

Also, if there is a decrease in the level of intelligence in our age, why not look to the institution of public education? God knows that this institution sucks too, and continues to degenerate.

I guess I will just have to read the book. That is of course, unless I'm too lazy, haha.

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