Friday, March 28, 2008

Police Punked by Root Beer Pong Party

A Wisconsin high school student who was suspended from a dance team for being in Facebook photos drinking from red plastic cups (apparently all red plastic cups contain alcohol, fun fact), decided to get back at the school by throwing a tongue in cheek root beer kegger:

So Zebro, an 18-year-old senior, devised a plan to show that things are not always as they appear. He bought a quarter-barrel - of root beer - and a tall stack of red cups, and he spread the word that the party was at his house in Kronenwetter, a village just outside Wausau, on a Saturday night this month.

"There were keg stands and root beer pong and all that, so it looked like a real party," he said. The idea was to post photos on the Internet and fool the school, he said.

Police showed up because of a complaint about cars blocking the road, and an officer administered breath tests to 89 teens.

Surely, someone had to be drinking right?
Every kid blew 0.0.


With each negative breath test, the crowd cheers and shouts out encouragement like, "Good form." One guy flaps his arms as he's blowing into the mouthpiece. Several seconds of the song "I Believe I Can Fly" was edited into the video for that scene, and even the officer can be seen smiling.


Dustin Zebro admits that no one should assume root beer is always the beverage of choice for these or any other high school seniors. Plenty of underage drinking goes on.

We have a tendency to believe the worst when it comes to kids this age. It's refreshing to be wrong about that sometimes and to find a houseful of soda-chuggers, even if they're doing it ironically. That's easy for me to say, of course, when it wasn't my house packed with 89 teenagers.

Kudos to Dustin for throwing it in the face of the Police and High School for their blatant ageism and profiling. One last point...Zebro admits one should not assume that teens are drinking root beer...but why is it better to assume that teens are drinking alcohol? Sure underage drinking goes on, but so does a lot of soda guzzling, chip munching, pizza partying, and video gaming.

Copy of the video on YouTube:


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