Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader to Run Again/Fail Again

The former Green Party candidate for President makes an headache-inducing return, officially throwing his hat in the ring:

The anti-establishment consumer advocate made the announcement in a televised interview on Sunday.

Mr Nader was accused by many Democrats of handing the presidency to George W Bush in the November 2000 elections. He ran again unsuccessfully in 2004.

I would like to address that for a second. First of all, it is no lie that Nader took votes away in 2000 and 2004. Nader could very well be a partial cause to the Bush legacy, and could very well injure the Democratic nominee enough in November to hand the White House to McCain, effectively perpetuating the Bush legacy. Some speculate that he does this on purpose, though I highly doubt that; to me it seems more feasible that he is just plain CRAZY.

Mr Nader denied he was seeking to be a spoiler candidate - and accused the main parties of "political bigotry".

Referring to the three main contenders in the race so far, he questioned: "Do they have the moral courage, do they have the fortitude to stand up to corporate powers and get things done for the American people?"

Mr. Nader forgets that government itself is inherently an oligarchy, and that the free market gives "The Many" more power over their own decisions, and ultimately allows the individual to choose what is best for them. How is taking power and rights from companies (which in turn hurts individuals) via the state (thus centralizing more economic control in an fractionally equivalent body) not oligarchical? How is it ethical? What Nader means by "get things done for the American people," is, "take away from the American people their right to choose what gets done and how."

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