Monday, January 7, 2008

Way Too Close for Comfort

Today as many as eight tornadoes landed in the Kenosha County area:
Six to eight homes in the area of Highway 50 and Kenosha County Highway O in the town of Wheatland were either collapsed or heavily damaged by a tornado that ripped through the area between 4 and 4:15 p.m. today, according to Sgt. Mark Krueger of the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.

Krueger said injuries were either minor or moderate, and no one was killed.

An undetermined number of cars were blown off the road at the same intersection when the tornado hit, Krueger said.
I passed through there on my way to Lake Geneva today, right before getting pounded with rain and hail. We made it through and stopped for a bit at a coffee place before turning around. Communication was pretty bad, and power was out in a lot of places, so we had no idea what we were heading into. Thankfully, we followed the back end of the fast moving storm back into the town, noting the damage that had been caused just minutes after we passed through.

A little too close for my tastes.

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