Sunday, January 20, 2008

Doyle Looking For Statewide Smoking Ban

But alcoholics need not fear! Taverns will be delayed for a whole year! And why am I still not enthused? Apparently the state thinks that one whole year of being able to light up in bars is consolation for those who like to frequent their liquor with a good smoke.

Madison - A statewide smoking ban would not apply to bars and restaurants for the first year, under a measure advanced Tuesday by a Senate committee.

The ban for other workplaces and public buildings would begin in January 2009, with bars and restaurants following in 2010, under the compromise.

The prospects for the measure are uncertain.

Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle said bars and restaurants should not get a special exemption. A statewide smoking ban is a top priority of Doyle's.

Because Doyle is the biggest nanny-state socialist our poor state has ever had for Governor. As with all infringements upon liberty, this one comes with a pathetic excuse for our health and the aesthetic value of a "smoke-free" state.

"Close to half the states in the nation are moving toward smoke-free public places," said Canter, who noted that statewide bans have become law in neighboring Minnesota and Illinois.
Thats right folks. All the cool kids are doing it, why not us?

"The Legislature should act so that Wisconsin does not become the ashtray of the Midwest,"
That's cute. So now we're afraid that a mass exodus of smokers is going to come here to smoke in our bars? Bring em! Better for us! Or maybe he meant that it would ruin our AMAZING reputation by imposing further state control over the rights of businesses. We already have problems attracting business. Why should the state be hostile to the few we still have?

The compromise, approved 3-2 by the committee, would:

• Ban smoking in workplaces and public places - except for bars and taverns - on Jan. 1, 2009.

• Ban smoking in bars and restaurants effective Jan. 1, 2010. Sen. Pat Kreitlow (D-Eau Claire) asked Senate committee members to give bars and restaurants 15 additional months - until April 1, 2011 - to implement the ban, but his proposal was rejected.

• Allow hotels and motels to set aside up to 25% of their rooms for smokers. Owners of hotels and motels with three or fewer rooms could designate one of them for smokers.

• Exempt businesses operated by manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and distributors of tobacco products, including tobacco leaf dealers and "tobacco storage" facilities. American Cancer Society lobbyist Alison Prange called that exemption a major loophole that could lead to "cigarette bars" in the state.

God forbid businesses meet a demand by opening bars for smoking.

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Moot said...

What a load of hogwash that ban is.
If I don't like smoking, or being around it, here's an idea "Hm, maybe I won't go to a bar." Or my personal favorite "No smoking section please!"