Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Debate Tonight

(I have updated and revised this since my first blogging)

The Republican YouTube Debate tonight was....interesting. Giulianni and Romney duked it out, as predicted, and McCain didn't go much of anywhere. Romney as usual could not find solid ground on any questions, repeatedly saying he would "consult people" or tiptoeing around the questions completely.

Giulianni repeatedly used 9/11 and New York to answer every question, as if the whole United States revolves around terrorism, and if New York was the center of the universe. Come on, Rudy, Kenosha, Wisconsin is not New York, and neither is any other town. What worked there will not work here, and I would hate to see you use the White House as an instrument to push your police state, anti-liberty, war-mongering beliefs on all of the FEDERAL governments in this nation. Hunter....weak. Tancredo...crazy. Everything to him is about immigration.

Thompson surprised me in many ways, and at times I could swear he was a real conservative. However, just as most of the candidates on the stage, he talks about spending and saving without looking at the greatest cost to this country: empire. Also, while he may be witty and humorous, what I am really looking for is a straight answer. He fails.

Finally, Ron Paul. Tonight was his chance to shine, and he failed. While the audience absolutely loved him (I think this stems from his having more money, and being more able to buy seats), he came across rather weak on issues, and at one point could not remember "those guys in the north (of Iraq)." They're called Kurds, Ron. It doesn't help that he was cut off repeatedly, not allowed to reply, nor given many questions to begin with. CNN spent more time on useless jabber than on foreign policy (Ron's strong point) and Ron Paul did not even get much attention at all in this area. However, considering the boos that McCain, Romney, and Giulianni got...I think Ron Paul did alright. Enough to continue to exist without shame.

It is hard to declare any real winner, but if I had to would go as such:

1. Thompson (Not a strong performance at all, but better)
2. Huckabee (Acted like a career politician, full of shit. But a lot of support)
3. Giulianni (No real gain or loss)
4. Paul (Not eloquent at all, but had a lot of support, unfortunately came off as crazy)
5. McCain (No real gain or loss, strong on torture and the troops)
6. Romney (Looked terrible, stumbled, flip flopped)
7. Hunter (Nothing groundbreaking. He's out)
8. Tancredo (He is definitely out)

Although I favor Paul in this race, he is going to need to speak clearer next time.


Phillidor5949 said...

Please consider contributing on the 16th of December.
Ron Paul needs the publicity of another big fund raising day.

I’m a veteran of the U.S. Air Force active duty (4yrs) and I currently serve as a traditional guardsman in the Air National Guard. All military personnel upon enlistment take the oath: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” A vote for Rep. Paul does just that. Ron Paul has my support.

There is an obvious media bias and it is sad. Rep. Paul is the one candidate of the crowd who has substantially differing views and he was not given much of a chance to articulate those views. Much time was given to marginal issues and small differences between other candidates’ positions on the issues. I suspect many special interest groups have much to lose if a President Paul had a chance to use his veto pen. This is reflected in the lack of time given to Rep. Paul.

1000 Needles said...

phillidor, I have alredy considered donating to Paul's campaign. However, there is a media bias for a reason. Paul needs to start showing poll results before he is taken seriously, and he needs to shake the perception that he is insane. Even then, he is still a long shot.