Monday, November 12, 2007

The Cost of the Iraq War, National Debt, and Entitlements

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  • Nearly 4,000 Newton North High Schools
  • 40 Big Digs
  • Almost 18 months' worth of free gas for everyone
  • Many, many environment-friendly cars on the road
  • Nearly 14 million years' worth of tuition, room, and board at Harvard
  • More than a year's worth of Medicare benefits for everyone
  • A looong contract for Dice-K
  • A real war on poverty
The grand total thus far? $611 billion. I sure do love taxes. When asked how they would spend the money, individuals replied with some interesting, and often quirky messages:

  • Bag 'o weed.
  • I'd buy a clue for every wingnut.
  • Two (2) one-way (1-way) tickets to Guantanamo Bay for Dick Cheney and George W. Bush, including all meals, a spiffy orange jumpsuit, and daily waterboarding.
  • Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards All.
I would like to point out: while violence may have a cost, peace cannot be bought in terms of dollars. It is going to take a little more than that out of all of us.
  • ld provide health insurance for 365,800,000 children for a year. This is a pro-rated number from, based on the current request for $611 billion.
The message from this individual contains a typo. The actual site is here.
  • You know, that's a great idea! Even better, if we then split it up and gave every US family $10,000,000, then no one in this country would ever have to work again, 'cause we could all live comfortably off the interest.
It astounds me as to how little people know about economics. If we all had that much money, what do you think would happen to the cost of goods? Most people would go broke before the inflation hit them, and next thing you know, you're homeless.
  • I would buy $611 billion dollar's worth of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for every one of the right-wing BPD sufferers out there who cannot seem to be able to break free from their mental illness long enough to have a single compassionate thought. Either that or I would move every last one of these right-wing sociopaths to Iraq, where they could rant all they want ... to a radical cleric or two.
I would like to take a moment to point out that just because I'm Libertarian, does not make me incapable of compassion. I wish you liberals had more compassion for my wallet, and for hard work, instead of undermining the labor value of others to carry out unethical entitlement programs. kthx.
  • The issue differentiating "conservative" and "liberal" is population turnover. Conservatives believe as many people as possible should be born, and that once born they should die as quickly as possible, while liberals believe in a lower birth rate and longer life expectancy.
No, conservatives believe that individuals should EARN their property, respect Life, and be largely left ALONE by the state, and by others. Liberals believe that there are no property rights, just the right to other's properties; they also believe that men who do not want to be dads should pay child support, but women who do not want to be moms can abort babies (with or without dads input). They also believe that the state has a role in everything you do, so long as it makes everyone equal.

Ok, I agree we can buy a lot of great things with this money. I completely disagree with just about all of the people who replied too. But do you know what the best use for this money is? GIVE IT BACK!

If we spent it any other way, it would only serve to propagate the twisted entitlement system we have in the U.S. today. I am surprised that liberals don't like the Iraq war, since it seems to be an entitlement program for Iraqi's. I guess they aren't as compassionate as they like to think.
This money would be better spent by it's rightful owners: YOU. Taxes are high enough, when are we going to be able to see the fruits of our labor manifest in the things WE want?

Besides, most of this money wasn't from taxes, it was printed out of thin air. Now we get to pay the interest plus inflation as the debt ceiling has to get raised again and again to facilitate the current debt level.

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