Saturday, November 3, 2007

Congress looking to override veto on $23 billion water bill

WASHINGTON -- President Bush delivered his threatened veto of a $23-billion water bill Friday, but Congress is virtually certain to reverse it in the first override of a Bush veto.

And Bush and the Democratic-controlled Congress are moving closer to a federal budget showdown that could result in more vetoes.


The bill would authorize more than 900 projects, such as restoration in the Florida Everglades and the replacement of seven Depression-era locks on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers that farm groups say is crucial for shipping grain.


Democrats pounced on the veto to portray Bush as out of touch with domestic priorities.

"When we override this irresponsible veto, perhaps the president will finally recognize that Congress is an equal branch of government and reconsider his many other reckless veto threats," said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).
Thank God Bush vetoed the bill. It sounds to me like a compilation of every congress person's pet projects and earmarks all wrapped into one bill.

On another note, just because Congress is an equal branch of government, that does not mean that Bush can't veto. The veto isn't irresponsible anyways, it's the bill that is irresponsible by appropriating 23 billion in taxes to projects that are blown way out of proportion and many could be done by the states or even certain ones by the private sector.

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