Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chavez "reforms" the Constitution

All of the worst things have been done in the name of socialism and nationalism:

Mr Chávez says that the reform, which follows his victory in a presidential election last December, is imperative to entrench his “revolution”. As unveiled by him in August, the reform affected fewer than a tenth of the 350 articles in the 1999 constitution (which the president himself inspired). But the assembly has added a further 36 articles.
What changes were made?

At the heart of the reform is an increase in the presidential term, from six to seven years, and the removal of term limits...


The reform also allows the president to dispose of the country's international reserves as he sees fit, and to declare any part of the country a “federal territory”, ruled directly from the presidential palace. Another change will allow the president to declare an indefinite state of emergency and suspend the right to information and to elements of due process.
More from the AP:

"Today the Venezuelan people have a pencil in their hands to write their own history, and it's not going to be the history of the elite," said pro-Chavez lawmaker Earle Herrera.
Really? When one man holds ownership over the means of production and distribution and holds possibly indefinite power, this is not elitism? Socialism and Communism do not get rid of classes, they make them worse. This time though, it's a division between the Socialist ruling elite (government), and the "common" people. I wonder how much "distribution" Chavez gives to himself...

Theres still hope though:

The 69 changes to Venezuela's Constitution now go to citizens for a Dec. 2 vote.

Venezualans can hope that the "vote" isn't rigged.

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