Sunday, November 4, 2007

All Whites Are Racists?

Another Liberal-Run University has gone out of it's damn mind.

WND reports:

University of Delaware officials, who just a day earlier had defended a residence hall series of teachings on which WND reported that told students "all whites are racists," today announced the program is being stopped.

She said included among the school's teaching resources was the following: "A RACIST: A racist is one who is both privileged and socialized on the basis of race by a white supremacist (racist) system. 'The term applies to all white people (i.e., people of European descent) living in the United States, regardless of class, gender, religion, culture or sexuality. By this definition, people of color cannot be racists, because as peoples within the U.S. system, they do not have the power to back up their prejudices, hostilities, or acts of discrimination….

I guess only white people can be racist...but wait! What about reverse racism? Surely this exists in the form of affirmative action, and other assaults on whiteness, right? I guess not:

The education program also notes that "reverse racism" is "a term created and used by white people to deny their white privilege." And "a non-racist" is called "a non-term," because, the program explains, "The term was created by whites to deny responsibility for systemic racism, to maintain an aura of innocence in the face of racial oppression, and to shift the responsibility for that oppression from whites to people of color (called 'blaming the victim')."
This is insane! Why is it that I am a racist by birth, just because of my "skin color," and that I cannot deny the fact that I am racist, for that would be denying my "white privilege." But wait, I was born poor, and lived in many homes over my life. I joined the Army to go to school, surely I do not have white privilege! this definition, my skin color automatically means I should feel guilty every minute of my life for the sheer fact that people I never knew, owned people I never knew.

According to university materials, RAs under the program were told to ask students during one-on-one sessions questions such as: "When did you discover your sexual identity?" "When were you first made aware of your race?" and "Who taught you a lesson in regard to some sort of diversity awarness? What was the lesson?"

This particular student responded to the question, "When did you discover your sexual identity?" with the terse: "That is none of your damn business," FIRE said.

I would have said the same thing. It's also unconstitutional to force kids to accept some kind of ideology just to get admitted to a school, or housing on campus. The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a University that continually strives for diversity in it's education and student body. I have felt a small amount of distaste for the idea that people should be counted and qualified by their skin color, no matter if they are white or not. I hope Parkside can maintain their integrity, and not find themselves down this road sometime in the future.

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