Tuesday, November 6, 2007

4.2 Million, Innovation, and the Flat World

A first glance, I was unhappy with Ron Paul's campaign for organizing a fundraising campaign on the date of a notorious terrorist plot. However, it seems that it was organized by an individual outside of the campaign without Ron Paul's knowledge. Tucker Carlson had Paul on his show today to talk about the 4.2 MILLION he raised in just one day:

The Politico has more on the actual man that did it:

Trevor Lyman came from nowhere this week to earn a spot in fundraising lore by engineering a reported $4 million day for Ron Paul’s dark horse Republican presidential campaign.

But the 37-year old political novice from Miami Beach isn’t done yet.

Lyman, who over the span of about three weeks oversaw an unprecedented online campaign that solicited pledges for small contributions to have been delivered Monday is planning another Paul fundraising push over the weekend of Dec. 15 and 16.
What days are these? None other than the Bill of Rights Day, and the Boston Tea Party, as if this could be of any surprise. Lyman knew what he liked about Ron Paul, and because of this he knew exactly what others wanted. Capitalism at it's finest: the consumer knows best.

But we cannot consider the success of this movement without considering the very structural framework that supports it.

Thomas Friedman said that the Internet has been integral in transforming the playing field into one that is "flat." This is a prime example of the leveling of the field for Ron Paul and his supporters, who, although widespread and seemingly small, are formidable when brought together by the World Wide Web. It is hard to imagine such a movement a decade ago, much less four years ago. And as the world gets smaller and smaller I have one question: could this be a trend for the future?

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