Tuesday, October 30, 2007

President Colbert??

In nine days, more than 1m users joined an online group set up after the Colbert Report host announced his bid.
Wow, and I thought Ron Paul had the Internet on lock down! Seriously though, is it any surprise that in an era in which more people vote for the next pop idiot than their own president, with growing cynicism over politics in general, that we would instantly jump to support someone who represents the exact antithesis of American politics?

I will not vote for Colbert. He will not win. However, his appeal ought to be noted. It is definitely time for a change in politics. We can point the finger of blame at ourselves though, for allowing government to capitalize on our labor, our apathy, and grow to such a level that there is not even an illusion of legitimacy and honesty, but the illusion of TRYING to be honest and legitimate.

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