Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Protest: Your Government Hates a Challenge

Apparently, Andrew Meyer, the student who was tazed after confronting Sen. John Kerry at a forum at the University of Florida, has issued an APOLOGY and will not face charges so long as he stays out of trouble for the next 18 months.

From the AP:

"I stepped out of line at the Kerry forum," Meyer wrote. "I violated the rules of the forum and was disruptive. I now realize that in order to be heard, one must act within the appropriate time, place and manner."
I can understand that he should have had more prose, and cut his questions reasonably short, but what is the problem with asking pointed questions in a democratic country? Where is liberty in this day and age? He shouldn't have been treated the way he was, this is obvious, although he really did exacerbate his situation. Let's revisit that day:

"I'm so sorry that I lost my control in that auditorium," he wrote. "I went there to ask an important question. The question of voter disenfranchisement in America cuts to the heart of our democracy, and my failure to act calmly resulted in this important town forum ending without the discourse intended. For that, I am truly sorry."
So what, it's illegal to be PASSIONATE about anything in this country? The problem was not with what he asked, but apparently with how he composed himself. I didn't know that this was a crime. What makes me even more sick is that the people around him just stared or even worse, laughed at his misfortune.

They wont be so quick to laugh when it's them.

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