Wednesday, October 31, 2007

California's 2000 foot rule has put sex offenders on the streets:

Hundreds of California sex offenders who face tough new restrictions on where they can live are declaring themselves homeless - truthfully or not - and that's making it difficult for the state to track them.

Jessica's Law, approved by 70 percent of California voters a year ago, bars registered sex offenders from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park where children gather. That leaves few places where offenders can live legally.
And this is a surprise? I'm glad Kenosha didn't pass a similar ordinance over the summer, because, just as I told them, this would be the result.

Since August, the number of offenders with no permanent address rose by 560 to 2,622.

"This is a huge surge," said Deputy Attorney General Janet Neeley, whose office maintains the database. "Any law enforcement officer would tell you we would prefer to have offenders at addresses where we can locate them."

Offenders who declare themselves homeless must tell their parole officer each day where they spent the previous night.

I can argue that this kind of gratuitous draconian punishment is not only unethical, but unconstitutional. Many politicians would agree, but are afraid to be seen as "weak on crime." That is what makes me sick: that not only is government perverted and corrupt, but they are fed by perverted and corrupt people.

I understand fully the heinousness of the crimes, but as a society we need to choose punishments that for one, are not excessive and cruel, and two, that will lessen the chances of recidivism. Obviously, these measures fail both.

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